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Dr. Faustus is not your average doctor, but a depraved combination of bloodthirsty fiend and surgical steel. His surgical skills allow him to delicately remove a vital organ with a single pass of his scalpel, or rend his victims to a bloody pulp like a razor-toothed pit bull. As Hell's surgeon, Dr. Faustus loves his work, and his overzealous nature often causes him to lose all restraint while "operating". After mutilating himself by installing a form of "bear trap" to replace his mandible, he decided that his beauty treatments shouldn't be hogged all to himself. His victims felt otherwise.
Full Name: Dr. Gabriel Faustus
Occupation: Plastic Surgeon
Age: 37
Cause of Death: Infection due to self grafting of a modified "Bear Trap" on his face
Hobbies: Dissection of small animals
Prior Convictions: 27 malpractice suits/charges but no convictions
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Favorite Food: Escargot
Mad Doctor: Default
Plastic Surgery:   + L1
Shake 'n Spit:    +   + 
  +   + L1 + 
Scalpel Ballet:   +   +   + L1 + 

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