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What is Thrill Kill's official game story?
Eight fighters, eight souls. Each has died and descended into Hell, except it's not the classical Dante's Hell. It's a modern day Hell based on the real world of today's deviants. The characters are the physical manifestations of their mental illnesses or vices on earth. Marukka, the God of Secrets, is bored and decided that it would be fun to pit them all against each other with the prize being rebirth. Each character is battling for nothing more than self-preservation and the hope to be born again.
What is Thrill Kill?
Thrill Kill is a 3D fighting game that was developed by Paradox Development, now Midway Studios - Los Angeles, for the Playstation game console. It was set to be released in October 1998 before it was canceled. Up to four players can fight to the death, and proceed to finish each other off with Thrill Kills, similar to the fatalities of Mortal Kombat. However, instead of the usual life bar, characters build up their kill meter. Once this meter is full, a player can activate a Thrill Kill to brutally finish off their opponents.
Was Thrill Kill banned due to its violent content?
No, Thrill Kill was never banned by any local, state, or federal government anywhere in the world. The game was simply canceled. I repeat, it was canceled, not banned!
Why was Thrill Kill never released?
Before Thrill Kill was released, its publisher Virgin Interactive was bought by Electronic Arts(EA). In order to protect its image, EA decided to cancel Thrill Kill only weeks before its scheduled release. EA also decided not to sell Thrill Kill to another publisher, thus shelving it forever.

"We don't feel the game's content is appropriate regardless of who purchases it. When you look at Mortal Kombat, you look at a fighting game. As opposed to a sadistic killing game. Thrill Kill is a killing game. The Product did not meet our standards for appropriate content." -Patricia Becker, director of corporate communications at EA
If it was never released, how are there copies of Thrill Kill on the internet?
Nobody really knows for sure. Rumor has it that Paradox employees, upset about the game's cancellation, released copies of it onto the internet. It was also rumored that some stores did indeed receive their shipments of the game early, and not all copies were returned. Another possibility is test copies that were sent out to video game magazines for review either made it out into the wild or were copied.
How many versions of Thrill Kill exist?
There are four(4) versions that currently exist:
  • NTSC Full Uncensored:
    - File Name: Slus_007.52
    - Full Opening FMV, all character endings
    - 13 music tracks
    - When Cleetus bites into the leg he carries, blood squirts out and you hear the sound of ripping flesh
    - When beginning a round with Belladonna, she will rub herself and moan
    - Belladonna has her 3rd Thrill Kill
    - Some minor nudity in costumes

  • NTSC Full Censored:
    - File Named: Slus_007.52
    - Full Opening FMV, all character endings
    - 13 music tracks
    - When Cleetus bites into the leg he carries, there is no blood and Cleetus says "yummy"
    - When beginning a round with Belladonna, she will rub herself and laugh
    - Belladonna is missing her 3rd Thrill Kill

  • NTSC Beta:
    - File Named: Slus_123.45
    - Virgin and Paradox FMVs only, no character endings
    - Five music tracks

  • PAL Beta:
    - File Named: Slus_013.37
    - Virgin and Paradox FMVs, most character endings (some incomplete)
Does Electronic Arts have any plans to re-release Thrill Kill?
At this point, I would definitely have to say no. It has now been almost 15 years since Thrill Kill was canceled. Although, a few years ago, a contact from EA's portable games division did tell me he was planning to put together a presentation to have Thrill Kill ported to the Sony PSP, but it never went anywhere.
Can I get this game from Fuzzd0rk's Thrill Kill?
Absolutely not! Fuzzd0rk's Thrill Kill will never under any circumstances offer pirated copies of this game!
Where can I find a copy of Thrill Kill?
There are plenty of Warez/ROM websites out there where you can obtain a copy of Thrill Kill. I'm sure Google can assist you in this matter.
Can I play Thrill Kill with a PC emulator?
Yes you can. There are several Playstation emulators that will run Thrill Kill on your PC. However, Fuzzd0rk's Thrill Kill does not offer any downloads or links to download these emulators. Your're on your own for that.
Can I play Thrill Kill on my Sony PSP?
Yes you can. There are indeed ways to run Playstation games on your Sony PSP. However, this involves hacking your PSP and installing custom firmwares, a process that can, if done incorrectly, prevent your PSP from functioning. Again, Fuzzd0rk's Thrill Kill does not offer any downloads or links to download these tools. I will not be responsible for you "bricking" your PSP. Sorry, but you will need to research this on your own.
How do I perform a Thrill Kill finisher?
Once you have filled your Kill meter and you only have one opponent left, a charge up sequence will begin. When the camera starts panning around your character, this is the time to press and hold the correct button combination for the Thrill Kill finisher you wish to perform. After the lightning stops, you can release the buttons. Now just attack your opponent with any button to initiate the kill animation. Please note, if you held an incorrect button combination during the charge up sequence, your character will perform their default Thrill Kill finisher, instead.
Does Violet have a 3rd Thrill Kill finisher?
No. Unfortunately, for reasons unkown, Violet never received a 3rd Thrill Kill finisher. It was confirmed by a source from Paradox that she indeed only has two.

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